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Title Project Title ESR Node
Davide Napoletano Higgs boson production in association with a b-quark within SHERPA (WP3) ESR1 UDUR
Nicolas Gutierrez Boosted SM and BSM Higgs channels (WP1) ESR2 UDUR
Juan M Cruz-Martinez Higgs plus jet production at NNLO (WP2) ESR3 UDUR
Yacine Haddad Higgs boson properties (WP1) ESR4 UDUR
Michele Boggia Precision calculations and analysis strategies for WW scattering at the LHC (WP2) ESR5 ALU-FR
Giulia Gonella Experimental analysis optimisation for vector boson scattering (WP1) ESR6 ALU-FR
Theo Megy Measurement of SM Higgs coupling to tau leptons with the ATLAS detector (WP1) ESR7 ALU-FR
Stephen Jones Precision studies of Higgs couplings at high energies (WP3) ESR8 ALU-FR
Matias Rodriguez-Vazquez Higgs bosons in the Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (WP2) ESR9 CNRS
Giulio Falcioni Heavy quarks and Higgs Bosons (WP3) ESR10 DESY
Shruti Patel Interplay of EWSB and other new physics (WP1) ESR11 DESY
Raquel Gomez-Ambrosio VV scattering and Higgs-like couplings @LHC as a probe of EWSB (WP2) ESR12 DFTTO
Zahari Kassabov Interplay of Monte Carlo effects, experimental issues and PDF uncertainties (WP3) ESR13 DFTTO
Agnieszka Ilnicka Improved predictions for Higgs production and decay (WP2) ESR14 ETH
Joosep Pata Matrix element methods for Higgs boson physics (WP3) ESR15 ETH
Tim Wolf Higgs production in association with a top quark pair (WP2) ESR16 FOM
Elisa Mariani Precision calculations for charged Higgs bosons (WP2) ESR17 FOM
Marzieh Bahmani Search for extended scenarios of electroweak symmetry breaking with the ATLAS experiment at LHC (WP2) ESR18 IFJ-PAN
Hjalte Frellesvig Development of automated NLO (QCD+full EW) and NNLO (QCD) tools (WP3) ESR20 NCSR-D
Davide Melini Accurate studies of Higgs Physics and EWSB phenomena (WP3) ESR21 UGR