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HiggsTools Second Young Researchers Meeting
Third Annual Meeting and Young Editors School 2017
Higgs Hunting 2016
Higgs Coupling 2015
HiggsTools Third Young Researchers Meeting
HiggsTools First Annual Meeting
Higgs Couplings 2016
DESY Theory Workshop: Physics at the LHC and beyond
HiggsTools Annual Summer School 2015
HiggsTools Mid Term Review
Higgs + Jets workshop
Frank Krauss
HiggsTools Kick-Off Meeting
HiggsTools Final Network Meeting
Heavy Flavour Production at the LHC
Next-to-leading order QCD predictions for top-quark pair production with up to two jets merged with a parton shower S. Hoeche, F. Krauss, P. Maierhoefer, S. Pozzorini, M. Schonherr, F. Siegert 1402.6293
Triple vector boson production through Higgs-Strahlung with NLO multijet merging S. Hoeche, F. Krauss, S. Pozzorini, M. Schoenherr, J. M. Thompson, K. C. Zapp 1403.7516
Di-Higgs phenomenology in $t\bar{t}hh$: The forgotten channel C. Englert, F. Krauss, M. Spannowsky, J. Thompson 1409.8074
Mass Effects in the Higgs-Gluon Coupling: Boosted vs Off-Shell Production M. Buschmann, D. Goncalves, S. Kuttimalai, M. Schonherr, F. Krauss, T. Plehn 1410.5806
Mass Effects in the Higgs-Gluon Coupling: Boosted vs Off-Shell Production Malte Buschmann, Dorival Goncalves, Silvan Kuttimalai, Marek Schonherr, Frank Krauss, Tilman Plehn 1410.5806
A theory perspective on Top2014 F. Krauss 1412.7343
Augmenting the diboson excess for Run 2 D. Goncalves, F. Krauss, M. Spannowsky 1508.04162
Distinguishing b-quark and gluon jets with a tagged b-hadron D. Goncalves, F. Krauss, R. Linten 1512.05265
Handbook of LHC Higgs Cross Sections: 4. Deciphering the Nature of the Higgs Sector The LHC Higgs Cross Section Working Group 1610.07922
Simulating b-associated production of Z and Higgs bosons with SHERPA F. Krauss, D. Napoletano and S. Schumann 1612.04640
Implementing NLO DGLAP evolution in parton showers S. Hoeche, F. Krauss, S. Prestel 1705.00982
The HiggsTools Handbook: Concepts and observables for deciphering the Nature of the Higgs Sector M. Boggia, J. M. Cruz-Martinez, H. Frellesvig, N. Glover, R. Gomez-Ambrosio, G. Gonella, Y. Haddad, A. Ilnicka, S. Jones, Z. Kassabov, F. Krauss, T. Megy, D. Melini, D. Napoletano, G. Passarino, S. Patel, M. Rodriguez-Vazquez, T. Wolf 1711.09875
b quark mass effects in associated production Davide Napoletano 1801.03440