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Papers produced for Higgs Tools: 
1706.04242 Jet-associated resonance spectroscopy C. Englert, G. Ferretti, M. Spannowsky UDUR
1701.04442 Resonant Di-Higgs Production in the $b\bar{b}WW$ Channel: Probing the Electroweak Phase Transition at the LHC T. Huang, J.M. No, L. Pernie, M. Ramsey-Musolf, A. Safonev, M. Spannowsky, P. Winslow UDUR
1702.01930 VBS $W^{\pm}W^{\pm}H$ production at the HL-LHC and a 100 TeV pp-collider C. Englert, Q. Li, M. Spannowsky, M. Wang, L. Wang UDUR
1702.07678 Electroweak oblique parameters as a probe of the trilinear Higgs self-interaction G. Kribs, A. Maier, H. Rzehak, M. Spannowsky, P. Waite UDUR
1704.02311 Maxi-sizing the trilinear Higgs self-coupling: how large could it be? L. Di Luzio, R. Grober, M. Spannowsky UDUR
1610.07922 Handbook of LHC Higgs Cross Sections: 4. Deciphering the Nature of the Higgs Sector The LHC Higgs Cross Section Working Group ESR1, ESR13, ESR14, ESR8 ALU-FR, CNRS, DESY, DFTTO, ETH, UDUR, UGR
1510.08468 Measuring the signal strength in $t\bar{t}H$ with $H\to b\bar{b}$ N. Moretti, P. Petrov, S. Pozzorini, M. Spannowsky ETH, UDUR
1409.8074 Di-Higgs phenomenology in $t\bar{t}hh$: The forgotten channel C. Englert, F. Krauss, M. Spannowsky, J. Thompson UDUR
1508.04162 Augmenting the diboson excess for Run 2 D. Goncalves, F. Krauss, M. Spannowsky UDUR
1506.08008 $hhjj$ production at the LHC M. J. Dolan, C. Englert, N. Greiner, K. Nordstrom, M. Spannowsky DESY, UDUR
1504.02458 Combining LEP and LHC to bound the Higgs Width C. Englert, M. McCullough, M. Spannowsky UDUR
1503.07459 Unitarity-controlled resonances after Higgs discovery C. Englert, P. Harris, M. Spannowsky, M. Takeuchi UDUR
1502.04678 On-shell interference effects in Higgs final states C. Englert, I. Low, M. Spannowsky UDUR
1412.7154 Higgs Self-Coupling Measurements at a 100 TeV Hadron Collider A. J. Barr, M. J. Dolan, C. Englert, D. Enoque Ferreira de Lima, M. Spannowsky UDUR

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HiggsTools Final Network Meeting IPPP Monday, September 11, 2017 to Friday, September 15, 2017