The Final HiggsTools Meeting

Durham, UK, 11-15/09/2017

The HiggsTools Final Meeting will be held in Durham, at the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology. As this is the closure meeting for this network, there will be talks from each working group presenting the research achieved by the network. The proceedings will be published as a volume in Acta Physica Polonica.

Alongside the ESRs presenting their own work, one of the leaders of each WG will give an overview of what the WG has achieved.

Details of other invited speakers and activities will be made public closer to the event date. The indico web-page can be accessed following this link.

Accommodation for the participants will be provided at Collingwood College, and is included in the conference fee.

The Conference Dinner will be held in Durham Castle.


The Meeting will take place at the IPPP, in Durham. The agenda is divided such to give space to all working groups. Participants are expected to arrive on 11th September and leave after lunch on 15th September. The conference will start 9am 12th September, with reports from WG1, followed by WG2 and WG3 in the subsequent sessions.

A detailed version of the agenda for this event can be found here


Registration for this conference is now open. If you wish to attend please register here. Registration will close on the 30th of June 2017.

Practical Information

Detailed information on how to get to the IPPP are listed here.

The IPPP and Collingwood College can be located in the following map.


Local Organisers:

  • Juan Cruz-Martinez
  • Nigel Glover
  • Yacine Haddad
  • Frank Krauss
  • Davide Napoletano